"It's official: David Blaine is no longer
the world's most disturbing magician."

NakedMagician.com was officially designated the Cruel Site of the Day on 11 June 2002! The trick that merited this award was trick #2 here.

Cruel Site of the Day


Where magicians get naked... and do their tricks


Nothing up his sleeve... Nothing up his anything else...
And he can prove it, 'cause he's naked!

On this site, the world's first and only performing naked magician reveals himself, his lovely assistant, and his magic tricks -- all completely nude and naked. That's right -- naked and nude! Dicks visible! Penises a-floppin'! Buns available for inspection, sir! Foreskin(s) flipping! Balls a-bouncin'! Pubes public! There is no other site like NakedMagician.com anywhere on the planet!

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UGAS members' entrance

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at a private party in San Francisco

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Are you one of those law enforcement types looking for lawbreakers? You won't find 'em here, thank goodness.
We are clean, wholesome clothes-free types! On this site and its associated pages there are no visual depictions
of any actual human being engaged in actual sexually explicit conduct -- just a whooooooole lot o' nuuuuuuudity.
And of course all models on this site are over age 18. See for yourself -- but don't say you haven't been warned.
No fair looking around and then pretending that you're offended!

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